by Miles @, Thursday, July 27, 2017, 22:12 (265 days ago) @ Hobie

Bear with me as I don't know what you've tested, or not.

First, make sure the hammer/trigger pins can actually go through the holes in the trigger pack and receiver separately.
If so, one or the other may be out of spec, or, you may have run into tolerance stack, where one part is at max and the other at min tolerance.

If you have a set of dial calipers, measure the distance from far edge to far edge of the holes on the trigger and receiver, then subtract .156 for the center to center distance.

Your measurements should be very close to .900" +/- .001"

The math works out like this:

Solve for Hypotenuse of Triangle with
A horizontal distance CtoC Hammer/Trigger pin hole = .843
B vertical distance height difference of holes = .314
C Hypotenuse X
Standard formula A².710649 +B².098596 = C².809245
√.809245 =.899580

Let us know the results!

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