Looks like great times! I am happy for you!

by Rob Leahy ⌂ @, Prescott, Arizona, Monday, July 24, 2017, 22:37 (359 days ago) @ cable

we finished insulating the new cabin, putting up visqueen and making the little place snug. we had temps as high as 86 in the shade and overnight lows down to 30 degrees, already in July.

one day we rode 50 miles on our wheelers hauling insulation and i even surprised my wife with a big heavy rocking chair we hauled in on top of the pac-rat trailer behind my wheeler [ it was raining and muddy, bur we padded it and wrapped it with a tarp and it made it without a scratch .....she sits on the porch in it, and inside for reading at night !

there is still ice on one of the streams we cross


the wildlife was glad to see us again, the bunnies are not even afraid, but the little red squirrels chew their way into the old cabin and destroy and steal [ a whole package of hoagie rolls] so squirrel control got serious:


the old cabin is wonderful but not mouse or squirrel proof; the steps lead to the new cabin:


on the way out we ran into huge numbers of caribou; they passed just 25-50 yards in front of us and didn't pay much attention to us or the wheelers ...many of them probably never see anyone in their life:



big guys with double shovel antlers !! hopefully we will see some of these in mid september.

we are so blessed to live here and see these things; on the way home on the highway about 11 pm last night this was an example:


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