Ruger Old Army Values

by anachronism, Saturday, June 17, 2017, 22:52 (336 days ago)

I'm trying to help a friend sell a couple of Unfired Ruger Old Army revolvers, and auction values are all over the place, and seem better representative of used guns that have been fired. I was hoping to get some advice here on how to price them. The owners aren't necessarily looking for a quick sale on these, and are willing to let them sit on the market for a little bit if necessary.

The first one is an early 7-1/2 inch stainless gun from the first year of SS production, 1975. It has a three digit S/N in the "300" range. It is unfired, but does show a "turn" line, and is in its original red & white box with what appears to be the original paperwork, the owners manual, warranty card, and the nipple wrench. Plus what appears to be the original plastic bag & some yellowed, white packing paper. The box shows wear, but is complete, and is marked on the side with the guns S/N in grease pencil as was Rugers procedure in the olden days.

The second one is a blued 7-1/2 inch gun from the second year of blued production, 1973. The S/N is in the range of "140-9900". It also is unfired, and in it's original box, which is yellow, with a removable lid (never seen one of those before). Otherwise it is pretty much the same story as the first one as far as paperwork and the manner in which the box is marked.

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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