Bulldog .44 stocks...

by Hobie ⌂ @, Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Saturday, June 17, 2017, 20:07 (279 days ago)

Y'all might remember that I bought a fairly early Charter Arms Bulldog .44 from Mr. Godley. It came to him and then me with Pachmayr's product with which I was not too pleased as this particular set had a "separation" right behind the trigger that rides right over the middle finger and rubs me the wrong way. I found a set of original walnut but upon installation discovered a crack that widens as the screw is tightened. These haven't come apart yet though, even after 10 rounds fired. I like how these feel in the hand but the gun does move around a bit more than with the Pachmayr product.

So this evening I'm sitting here pondering what to do. As I understand it, the grip frames on these really haven't changed much over the years. One option would be to order a set of walnut stocks from Charter ($49.99+tax+shipping). Another would be to use a set of the larger Charter non-wood stocks. While of an adequate size, I'm not a fan of the "feel" of those. Perhaps a new set of Pachmayr's product is a choice.

As to the gun, the load I intend to use is the factory 200 gr. Gold Dot. I like that this gun is pretty much the same size as my 3" Colt Detective Special but a larger caliber. I haven't measured the two but I've been using the same holsters for both.

I know that others here have these revolvers, perhaps you'll share some of your experience...



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