.45 Colt Defense Loads

by Big Six, Sunday, June 11, 2017, 13:27 (286 days ago)

It is probably common knowledge that I prefer a .45 for EDC but, mainly due to capacity and the fact that predators run in packs (plus a little arthritis in my hands) I have been carrying 9mm high capacity autos.

Here in the woods I normally carry a .45 Colt and if I have it off property I carry factory loads.

I have tried many factory loads with varying results.

I like hollow points on the basis of theory but in reality.... the velocities from factory .45 Colt is such that expansion is always "iffy."

Years ago... I developed an opinion that a .452 diameter bullet did not really need to expand but that has been debated by other people.

I once used a hollow point referred to as the "flying ashtray" and it seemed to do well bur I haven't seen them in years.

Hornady sells some fine stuff with the "Critical Defense" label but I have not really tried them on much.

Anyone having comments/recommendations based upon experience rather than just pure opinion is invited to recommend a factory load for carry... for self defense against 2 legged predators.

I seldom harvest game with a handgun but it periodically happens when the opportunity strikes and the freezer is low but nothing bigger than a white tail.

The heathen factor is increasing for all of us and any of us could encounter a 2 legged predator at home or wherever we wander.... and we could be carrying an old .45 Colt revolver of some kind. (I do)

I am thoroughly familiar with penetration factors associated with heavy vs. light projectiles but would like to hear comments from others about whether or not I should
even consider hollow points.

I am presently carrying Federal 225 grain, semi jacketed flat nose cartridges mainly because I have a lot of them and often shoot varmints in the garden and the chicken.

They are consistent and accurate in my gun(s).

By the way..

the Ruger Alaskan loves the Federal loads and makes a fine carry gun if you have a good belt.

I like it more with each passing day.

I just wish I wasn't so busy and had the time to load up some plinking ammo to really accustom myself to it. (It is a big change from a 625.)


ETA: Those little 9mm have their good points but they seem kind of small when you are around big predators about 6'4" and 350#.

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