454... After Bob Baker heard me wining about the rec

by Big Six, Thursday, June 08, 2017, 09:43 (346 days ago) @ Rob Leahy

The day I saw the Alaskan I pretty much fell in love with the big snubbie.

I have many activities going on at present and have had precious little time to shoot it.

We have no brown bears here in KY (to my knowledge) so I will keep it stoked w/ heavy .45 Colt and a few powder puffs to learn its nature . I plan to get some .454 Casull to try in it just for kicks and that leads to a question.

Is it possible to use my .45 Colt dies to reload a .454 Casull?

It "appears" to be about a tenth of an inch longer than the Colts and I don't plan to but dies for another caliber I will rarely if ever use.

I can buy buy OTC .45 Colt ammo that will kill the grass in front of the muzzle when you shoot them in the yard so I doubt I will ever need the .454 on anything here.

Anyone experienced any problem I can anticipate with the Ruger?

So far it appears extremely well made.... gorgeous in a brutal kind of way.


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