That velocity range of 950 to about 1100 is very nice...

by Bryan ⌂, Ft Worth, TX, Tuesday, June 06, 2017, 19:05 (348 days ago) @ stonecold

and one that I do the majority of shooting big bores with. It's very comfortable, whether it's a 44 mag at 250 grains or a 500 at 440 grains. You can always work something harder but in most cases you gain very little from it. Soft skinned game doesn't need more speed for total penetration most of the time. It's fun to run faster loads for distance work but even more fun to work on calling your shots with slower loads.

Congrats on the Alaskan. They are stoutly built and dependable. That's why they didn't call them Texans! Hah...let's see where that goes.

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