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by Big Six, Tuesday, June 06, 2017, 12:37 (291 days ago)

I have not been present on this forum as often as I was in the past due to a variety of reasons but in my periodic returns I have noticed a slight change.

Topics at one time were almost 100% firearm related and I had/have no problems with that but as I said in another post...

The times are a changing.

I see my friends here more frequently discussing issues impacting all of us and they sometimes deviate from firearms somewhat.

I have inserted topics occasionally that border deviating from firearms but they include in some manner or emphasize the need for the presence of a firearm.

That being said... I default back to firearms as primary subject and pose a question for the group.

I have always loved the big bores (hence the handle) and, having a friend visit here to shoot some of his recent acquisitions, became the owner of a Ruger Alaskan .454/.45 Colt.

I have shot .45 Colts for years... soft and hot loads.. and in my locale see the need for nothing more powerful but I loved that 2 1/2" big snubbie.

I have only shot it about 100 times with .45 Colt loads and never a .454 Casull.

I shot a Casull years ago and it is noticeably potent but I doubt I will need it for other than impressing buddies. I will attain a few for that purpose but will likely stick with the .45 Colt rounds.

It's heavy.... I can live with that.

It's concealable.... kinda

It's accurate.... for a 2 1/2" barrel

Long trigger pull DA... beautiful SA trigger pull.

I can find no faults other than it's a bit heavy... (but it sure is likeable)

Any bad experiences about which anyone is aware?

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