2 guns every day. one for each hand. the lh for back up

by Big Six, Tuesday, June 06, 2017, 12:14 (503 days ago) @ Rob Leahy

I only carry 2 guns when Momma and I are traveling and/or coming home late.

What is carried varies with the situation.

I one time carried a pair of Bird Head 45 Vaqueros in Rob's leather and actually became proficient with both hands. Reloading is a must unless you have unlimited funds.

For several years I practiced what I call "point shooting" and became proficient to the extent that people asked me to teach them the technique. I never approached McGivern but I was confident to a greater distance than I would allow hostility to approach.

Things changed in the world a couple of elections back and I had people asking me to teach them to shoot DA revolvers and (shudder) Glocks <<< is that a banned word?

The DAs were no problem but the Glocks were a PITA...... perseverance allowed me to master them to the degree I required.

Again.... the world is changing guys... and not for the better.

Packing 2 guns is always wise especially if they only contain 5 or 6 rounds.

Predators run in packs and a man "occasionally" misses..... low light... not enough time to aim.... failing eyes and reflexes.

Carrying 2 bottom feeders is fine (and legal here) also.

Do what you hafta do.


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