I am not normal...

by Bri A, Saturday, June 03, 2017, 22:37 (505 days ago) @ Bryan

This will be the second time for the timing to need fixing on the K22, it is a pre-model number Combat Masterpiece. The 629 Mountain Revolver has also been shot enough to require it going back to the factory to correct the timing. They have made me a serious fan of S&W because of their incredible accuracy. The K22 will shoot into 3/4" at 25 yards with several brands of ammo. The 629 has fired several one-hole groups at 25 yards and has more than held it's own out to 275 yards, against all manner of fancy handguns, including Freedom Arms and custom Rugers. Some may say they are weak for having to be re-timed, I say shoot over 6000 rounds through your favorite magnum handgun and get back to me. Don't have even the slightest idea of how many rounds have gone through the K22, best guess is north of 25,000, and other than minor timing issues, it still shots great.

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