That would be difficult to quantify...

by Bri A, Friday, June 02, 2017, 22:03 (506 days ago) @ Bryan

It took me a full year to feel reasonably competent with two hands, shooting 12 rds/day with a K22. Each of those rounds was hit 16 times, fired the cylinder full, then dry-fired three more times around, ejected the cases, rotated them 90 degree, dry-fired four times around, ejected the cases, rotated them 90 degrees, dry-fired four times around, repeated twice more.

This dry fire routine rotated between strong hand bullseye stance, weak hand bullseye stance, two handed Weaver stance, drawing from holster to each of these positions. The targets also varied from paper, to swinging 2"x4" steel, to 8" steel disks, to whatever seemed like it would fun at the time. I started at 10 yards with 50' bullseye pistol targets, eventually moving to 25 yards with 50' indoor smallbore rifle targets, then to 1" square steel swingers for airguns or the hanger bolts for the 2"x4" steel swingers.

After three years of steady practice I was shooting equally well with either hand, even shooting to the same point of impact at 50 yards, double action, one-handed, with my 629 Mountain Revolver. My eyesight has deteriorated with age enough to make shooting at the bolt heads at 25 yards rather difficult, but for fun the other day I dry-fired a full cylinder in the 629, with a penny balanced on the front sight and did not knock it off.

The ammo shortage definitely cut down on my shooting as well, am lucky to shoot once or twice a week, with 5 or 6 rounds at a session. Another problem is my K22 needs to be sorted out, after untold thousands of rounds it no longer indexes properly with two cylinders. This will be the second time I have had to fix the timing, no big deal, just a bit of a fussy job.

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