New pressure tank for the well

by DSikes, Friday, June 02, 2017, 15:01 (506 days ago) @ Otony

When our pressure tank went tits up... we opted to replace it with a bladder-less tank system... never have to worry about bladder leaks or bladder deterioration ever again... only problem is that it does put some air in the water and it will cause a bit of sputtering at the hot water faucet when you first turn the hot water faucet on... but here at the farm... we don't ever have to worry about the lines freezing up coming up from the well to the pressure tank anymore cause the water drains down to the well water table when the pump turns off... now at my spring... I use a constant on-demand jet pump to pump the water up to pressure... there is no tank there... just the pump keeping the pressure up to irrigate the veggies and fish pond.

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