I have. I wouldn't say I "am".

by BC, Wednesday, May 31, 2017, 18:35 (508 days ago) @ Bryan

For me it's more of a gratutitous range exercise in making a lot of noise and blasting a bunch of ammo. It's sure fun, but it requires a lot of patience for good work.

It's definitely a separate gun belt situation, I just don't see any good way to keep the pants hoisted with six pounds of gun attached.

One alternative would be a belt mounted holster and a chest rig, a la Chesty Puller. Come to think of it, I don't know that I ever worked too seriously on that, and now my CP rig lives in IL with a disabled Marine.

Second, it's a double action question for me. Which means, weak (left) hand gets gun with the smoothest action, otherwise I'll end up missing the side of the barn. So barrel length is immaterial.

Third, sight picture. That is, alternating eye dominance. It's a weird trick, but I can do it pretty well with a bit of effort. It's easier to start with completely difference sight pictures, e.g., hands at 2 and 10 o clock, move head and swap eyes. It's not hard, but takes repetition to coordinate.

Fourth, it's fun, so load 'em light and make sure you've got a well proportioned grip for the offhand, or a least a T-grip, if you like 'em.

I'd say start with K-22s if you have a nice match for that beautiful Masterpiece of yours.


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