Would you also have to bend the lower tang to fit

by Otony, Tuesday, May 30, 2017, 10:38 (298 days ago) @ matt/pa

I've seen the lower tang on a pistol gripped Marlin trimmed away to create a straight grip rifle, but you can't bend a straight tang. It would move parts inside out of position.

The difference between the two tangs is simply more material on bottom of the curved tang, but inside everything sits in the same place.

I sent a Marlin XLR back to the factory just before the family sold off to Remington. They replaced the lower tang, lever, and stocks so I ended up with a stainless steel, walnut stocked, half-magazine, long barreled .30-30 rifle. It swings and handles like a fine double shotgun.

My grail gun, although the stainless wasn't in the original dream. It's the one I'd take on my funeral ship, but one of the kids will end up with it instead.


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