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by rob @, Thursday, May 25, 2017, 14:26 (391 days ago)
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I bought a Vortex PST 1-4X 30mm scope w/ illuminated reticle for one of my AR's a good while back. I've been very pleased with it so far. It's not great for shooting groups at 100+ yards but it works fine if I take my time and choose a proper target for the job. I didn't really buy it with the intention of shooting groups, though, so it does pretty good for my needs. Since that one worked out fine, I bought a Vortex Diamondback 2-8X32 with a side focus parallax adjustment probably a year or so ago because they were on clearance and the price was right. Had it on a former Mini-14 for a while (beginning to be convinced the Mini-14's are scope killers....this one is number two) and then a short time on an AR before it died...like less than a couple hundred rounds. I'd fire a shot and have to readjust the parallax to a closer range. Fire, readjust, repeat until it was only focused at 20 yards. I was also getting dual groups trying different loads for accuracy...probably from the parallax adjustment being off and straining in different positions to get a good sight picture before I realized what was happening. Anyhow, I sent it back to them and they said "No worries," and that they would take care of it...give them five to seven business days. They received it on a Thursday afternoon and had shipped me a brand new one back out by Monday morning. Got it via Fed-Ex (ugg...the competition:-| ) this morning. That's pretty darned good service. I called them and asked what they found and she said "a bent objective bell." I never saw a bent objective bell or anything else when I sent it in. She said, "No problem, we don't point fingers. We just fix it or replace it for you." Works for me:) I'm going to replace it with a VX-II 2-7 on that AR but I may mount it back on the rifle for load testing while I'm saving change for the Leupold. Then I guess it will go on a 22LR where the side focus parallax issue won't irritate me.

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