Bullet effectiveness...

by Jared, Saturday, May 20, 2017, 21:26 (276 days ago) @ Gunner

There I see a window in the 1800-2200 range that seems to give great performance with a big soft bullet. As Elmer Keith said a 250 at 2400 was a great woods cartridge and he would rather go up in bullet weight than velocity. Using a cup and core bullet I think that's advice is still great.

I have seen several deer that were neck shot not quite right drop in their tracks and then a few minutes later get up and run off without leaving much if any of a blood trail. A lot of neck shooters I knew were also big believers of cutting a deers throat ASAP so it could bleed out. I often wonder how many of those deer were not quite dead at that's point and we're finished off by that.

I like a neck shot on hogs but it is kind of apples to oranges.

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