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by Bri A, Saturday, May 20, 2017, 14:47 (517 days ago) @ Gunner

There are too many variables to count on any man portable arm to make instant, DRT shots every time. Have never tried neck shots personally, but have heard all sorts of tales about when they went wrong. Like my friend's uncle, who was a house painter by trade and a notorious poacher. One afternoon, on his way home from a job in his old station wagon, he spotted a doe grazing in the tall grass along a ditch. He slowed down, slipped his handy 22 mag rifle out the driver's window and neck shot her as she grazed. She went down like the proverbial sack of potatoes so he stopped, hurriedly stuffed her into the back of the wagon with his left over painting supplies and covered her with a drop-cloth. On the way, he needed some supplies for the next day so stopped at the hardware store in the middle of the little town he lived near. After picking up his supplies, he was at the checkout counter paying for his purchases at the front of the store, with his car just outside the window, when he heard a noise and looked outside. Just then the rear quarter window of his station wagon exploded, the car started rocking and the drop cloth became quite animated with paint cans and their contents being slung around inside the car. You guessed it, that doe had not been hit quite as well as he originally thought and was trying to make good her escape. He immediately realized what had happened and fearing she was going to completely destroy his only car, rushed outside, grabbed his rifle from it's hiding spot under the front seat and proceeded to empty the old bolt action rifle's magazine into whatever part of the animal he could see moving, hoping to stop the carnage as quickly as possible. Shortly after the magazine was empty, the drop cloth stopped moving and he went back into the store to complete his purchase before any law enforcement officers may happen to show up. Fortunately, the small town did not have their own law enforcement, the sheriff office was way on the other side of the county and this was in the days before cell phones or personal computers. Unfortunately, it was not before the days of telephones, radios or 911 service and someone called it in, with the nearest LEO responding before he could get out of town, which happened to be the area Conservation Officer.

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