Finally! Finally found a missing J-frame!

by Otony, Thursday, May 18, 2017, 21:30 (367 days ago)

I've been searching the house and my shop for over a year to find a J-frame Model 36 I bought for my wife. 3" barrel, square butt, blue finish, and in darn near perfect condition. An excellent resolver, but the d@mn thing had gone walkabout, or so I thought....

I've told my wife at least a half-dozen times that I was missing a revolver. I even described it and called it by name, not that she would recognize the nomenclature.

Today however, I asked if she had her other revolver handy (a hammerless J-frame in .32 Magnum) as I'm leaving for a weekend in Boise. She said yes, it is still hidden in the bookshelf in HER shop.

Wait a minute, she carries the .32 in a fanny pack holster! What revolver is she talking about? The missing 36 of course. It is hers, after all, but for some reason I was sure it was in my possession, not hers.

Over a year! That is the longest I've ever misplaced, er, forgotten a gun.

Otony, color me embarrassed.

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