Shooting hogs for real and in volume...

by Jared, Thursday, May 18, 2017, 09:15 (276 days ago) @ Byron

Shooting from a helicopter is totally different than hunting. From a helicopter you are shooting from above at a range of a few feet. The spinal chord is very exposed from that angle. They guys are trying to take slaughterhouse style shots right at the base of the neck. Since you are moving with the hogs repeat shots are possible if your hit is slightly off. Their main concern is low ammo cost and fast repeat shots because they are killing a ton of animals.

When you are hunting on foot if the shot is botched even slightly you have a hog running through the woods and a second shot may or may not be possible. Also the ranges for Hunting on foot can be much further and the angles not as forgiving.

Go shoot 100 hogs under varying circumstances with a .223 and see what your one shot stops will be. I guarantee the rate would be lower than a bigger more appropropiate cartridge.

It will kill without a doubt, but for the guy that gets a chance at a couple of hogs a year, or the guy paying for a hunt it would be wise to use enough gun to bring them down 98% or the time instead of 90 or whatever the .223 would be. From personal experience I bet it would be less that that.

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