It's a puzzlement, ain't it?

by Jared, Thursday, May 18, 2017, 08:55 (279 days ago) @ Hoot
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The last hog i shot with my .35 Whelen was about a 150lb sow. I wanted to see how well the 250 Speer at 2500 penetrated . so I shot her right beside the eyeball while she was facing me. The bullet exited rear her tail and she went down in a pile. I was impressed because the Speer is a fairly soft bullet that expands easily.

I have shot 6 deer and hogs with that load and one doe ran about 25 yards leaving a huge blood trail. The 9 point I shot two years ago ran about 50 yards and didn't leave a huge trail but was I never my pasture so I watched him. I had just reloaded the No1 for a second shot when I saw him start that stiff leg run. So I watched him drop a few yards later.

A few days later I shot a shot a coyote with that's same rifle and load at 200 yards. The exit was fist sized, so those bullets will expand even at longer range.

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