I've had very good luck with 300 grain JHP's in my Guide Gun

by rob @, Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 21:55 (307 days ago) @ Bri A

Several bucks, a doe and two hogs over 450 pounds, the smallest one we attempted to weigh and he started breaking the tree branch we typically hung the scale over as the scale hit 450. We stopped and hung him from a steel pole fixed to bumper after that. Every one of them killed with a 300 Hornady Interlock JHP just over 2250 fps. Both of the hogs literally dropped in their tracks. Every deer ran between 15-30 yards. When you shoot a hog through both shoulders with an adequate bullet they tend to drop right there...at least that has been my experience. The only two deer I've shot that dropped in their track was a buck in Del Rio with a 4" 629 loaded with a 240 XTP over 18.5g 2400 and doe I shot with a 5.5" Blackhawk 45 loaded with a 260g Keith bullet over the same powder charge as the 44 Magnum. Both required a finishing shot though.

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