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by rob @, Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 21:00 (214 days ago) @ Scribe

On the Gen 4 guns, often putting a 3.5 minus connector in it makes it worse rather than better. It's because the Gen4 triggers are slightly different. I solved the problem on mine by installing the 3.5 connector and a Gen3 Glock 17/34 smooth face trigger in it. It's a drop in replacement and the trigger bar geometry is different than the Gen4. Major improvement. After that I installed a Wolff reduced power striker block spring and that made a bigger difference than I would have ever imagined. All the other springs I left stock...that way you still get a good positive trigger return and reset. The trigger was excellent at that point. I also thinned the bottom of the trigger guard, letting the gun sit lower in my hand and contoured and undercut it a bit right at the edge of the grip. I rounded the back edges of the grip frame (at the top of the hand) and that help a lot. By the time I was done it was pretty good but still felt funny in my left hand. I wonder sometimes if I should have kept it and maybe sent it off to a pro like Robar for a full grip reduction. But, it's done now. I'm tempted to buy the new CZ striker's supposed to fit Glock holsters and such.

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