Going to check with Ruger and see what they say.

by Catoosa, Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 09:27 (368 days ago) @ ERSisk

If you do turn the barrel enough to center the rear notch, is it going put the front sight off center? I think that would bother me about as much as the rear being off center.

I've got an old S&W 1905 that came out of eastern Kentucky, allegedly owned by an old mountain gunfighter who had "customized" it to suit himself. One thing he did was to bend the front sight over quite a bit. Still has the plier marks on it. Looks really odd, but the old thing shoots dead on and so accurately that I have just left it alone. It's one of those guns that I REALLY wish could talk about where it's been and what it's done.

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