Shooting hogs for real and in volume...

by Byron, Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 15:05 (369 days ago) @ rob
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Have shot a bunch of whitetails and a couple of hogs I can state from personal experience that deer are easy to kill and pretty much anything from a .22 Mag out of a rifle on up will kill them cleanly when hit right. I see little difference in their reaction when hit with arrows or 9mm Silvertips from a P35 up to high powered rifles. IMO 5.56mm with good bullets is plenty for whitetails inside 150-200 yards if you can hit them right.

The hogs I have shot were hit with .72 caliber balls from a 12 bore express rifle and a .475 Linebaugh Bisley. They all did the predictable very quickly and it was clear that I was using plenty of medicine.

A thought to consider especially in that the OP was regarding the use of 5.56mm on hogs. If one spends any time watching the videos of hog hunting from helos it is clear that the standard rifle is a 16" AR15 and most of the time the pigs drop in a pile when hit. My sister lives in South Texas where the hogs are massively destructive to crops and this type of hog shooting is fairly common. These guys shoot thousands of hogs and Green Tip is the round of choice and based on the videos they are not out of line. I fulling understand that the concept of a clean one shot stop and "sportsmanship" does not apply here as the goal is that the pig will die sometime in the next couple of days.

Still, it seems Green Tip kills 'em pretty good.



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