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by Jared, Monday, May 15, 2017, 22:44 (309 days ago) @ Jared
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Hogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes from 50# or less to the truly big 250+. They are not bullet proof but can be hard to kill quickly. Their vitals are much further forward than a lot of other animals like white tails. So a lot of what you hear about hogs taking a lot of punishment is because people are shooting them behind the shoulder and the hog shrugs it off. I have seen it many times. Unless they are quartering away from you aiming behind the shoulder wil probably end up with a hog running off.

Anywhere from the ear to top of the shoulder is a good place to bring them down, I am not a fan of neckshooting deer because they are constantly moving their head and neck. A hog on the other hand Is built like a linebacker with no neck. So it is a fairly stationary target. If you hit too high they can drop then be back on their feet in a few seconds to minutes and too low they can run off. If you have a gun that can penetrate the shoulders it is a very effective shot. On a big hog it takes a lot of gun or a really good bullet to exit after punching both shoulders.

Another thing with hogs is often you will have a running shot after shooting your first. When they are running it is hard to precisely place your bullet and the extra power is nice to help break them down.

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