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by Jared, Monday, May 15, 2017, 22:34 (370 days ago) @ bj

Varmint bullets in the Blackout are great for plinking but for hunting the 110gr Barnes TacTX is the way to go. I get 2400 with my 16" Carbine and the bullet hits way out of proportions to its paper ballistics. While I haven't shot a large hog with it every one has been a pass through with a large exit hole. I guarantee it will out penetrate any expanding 30 Carbine bullet on the market. Although a .30 Carbine with an expanding bullet is a decent performer.

Shot placement is key and anything can and will kill with the proper shot. I have had a .243 bullet blow up on a deers shoulder and not make it to the vitals. The second shot must have had the same results. The shoulder was obviously destroyed way it flopped around but there's wasn't enough penetration to kill. A better bullet would have meant a dead deer.

I am a huge believer in having two holes, even if the animal runs it it much easier to track them. Small calibers, marginally powerful for the task at hand calibers, and fast calibers say above 3000 FPS maybe 2800, really need a premium bullet if your shot is less than idea. The partition and Barnes are two of the best. Even then sometimes you will need more mass than the really small bores have to offer.

My neighbor shot several hogs with his .223 the only one recovered ran about 75 yards and ended up dead in my front yard. All of the ones I shot with a .223 made it to the thick Woods. I know two of my 3 shots were good, the 3rd might have been slightly far back but still would have been a kill shot with a bigger caliber.

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