Ruger Single 10 report

by ERSisk @, Saturday, May 13, 2017, 23:30 (312 days ago)

I have shot 4 bricks + of various 22s through my Single Ten since Christmas. So far bulk pack Federal, Winchester Super-X, Aquila Eley Prime Super Extra and CCI of various flavors. All seem to be acceptably accurate, with perhaps the nod going to the Aquila. 40 gr. bullets in general seem to shoot well perhaps because of the 1:14 twist rate. If I am really careful I can get all ten into a 2" square standing at 25 yards. I just picked two 1000 count bricks of Winchester M22 for $50ea. at Wally World this weekend but haven't tried them yet, really hope it likes them for the price. As always I added a Belt Mt base pin first thing. I really like the way this little gun shoots. I have only one issue with it. In order to center my groups I have the rear sight notch way right of center. Is it just me that is bothered by this on a gun? I am trying to ignore it since it shoots so well but not sure I can let it go. The barrel needs turning in enough to move the front sight a full blade thickness left in order to center the rear blade notch. What think you all. Leave it or try to tighten the barrel a smidgen?

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