Here's the young man we've been praying for...

by Paul ⌂, Saturday, May 13, 2017, 09:00 (681 days ago)

Hey folks,

Below is a picture of Luis and Emanuel, father and son. He's the kid that had an accident on Sunday and I asked prayers for. Still in the ICU unit due to some blood between the skull and brain, but he's much improved - thanks to the prayer support from around the globe. The doctors have no other explanation for his rapid progress. We finally got a chance to talk with Luis last night. He went through unimaginable anguish over the accident and subsequent happenings. They were way out of town, well past any ambulance service range. But their 4X4 club pulled together and got help headed their way as they were heading into town. Two of the members are pediatricians and they coordinated to get Emanuel into a CAT scan immediately upon reaching the hospital, avoiding the stop at the first choice of hospital due to the machine being down. Anyway, here's the pic. A hilarious side note is that the knock on the head has the kid speaking English now (he understood his dad before, but now answers in English) Not so hilarious are the personality changes which are probably due to the pressure still inside his skull. Thanks for praying with us for this family.


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