For those of you who hunt, even occasionally with a 223 AR..

by Bob Hatfield @, Friday, May 12, 2017, 18:56 (377 days ago) @ rob
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FWIW I've killed 3 deer with the Barnes TSX 55 grain hollow point flat base in a 16 inch AR with a 1/9 twist. One was a bang flop at 190 yards (measured with a laser) on a farm. The other two were at around 50 yards in the national forest. Those two humped up a the sound of the shot and ran about 20 yards real sickly like and dropped. The two closer ones were pass throughs. The one at 190 yards was stopped under the hide on the offside. In all three cases the insides were mush. That bullet with its four petals spinning at several hundred thousand RPMs is really deadly. I will try the 62 grainers next as I don't think the 1/9 will be good for the 70 grain TSX.


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