by Byron, Friday, May 12, 2017, 17:06 (282 days ago) @ rob

Over the years we have killed a bunch of big Kansas Whitetails on the farm with everything from a 9mm HiPower to a 12 bore express rifle. With solid hits all kill about the same. We have never shot deer with a .22 LR and personally consider it inappropriate for anything bigger than a cottontail.

The local farm boys tell us that the .22 Mag is all that is needed for neck shots on Whitetail inside 100 yards...I believe them as nobody around here goes hungry...

Regarding deer and 5.56mm we have shot them with 55 grain SPs, M193 hard ball, Green tip, 64 gr WW Power point and M262 Mod 1 spec reloads. When shot square in the chest within 100 yards we see no difference in the reaction to the shot whether to a 9mm or '30-06. The deer flinch at the shot run about 20 yards and fall over dead. Deer shot in the neck drop so hard that they bounce.

The only rounds that we see that drop them in their tracks with a chest shot every time is 180 gr bullet out of .44 mag rifles or those hit with the 12 bore. A friend hunts with a .22-250 and says that it is always instantly effective.

Back to the question, regarding shooting deer and pigs in the ear or neck, I think any 5.56mm round is more than enough. You would probably see no difference in performance in shooting deer in the neck between a .223 or .300 WM.

We shoot two 5.56mm loads out here. M193 spec 55 gr bulk soft points and M262 mod1 spec 77 gr boat tail hollow points.

It's all good and the deer can not tell the difference when shot hard in the chest with either.

If I was limited to one loading it would be the WW 64gr Power Point. The CHP has used this round for the past 30 years or so and sources tell me that is is statistically 100% effective on one shot stops on thin skinned finely boned creatures under 200 lbs...

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