For those of you who hunt, even occasionally with a 223 AR..

by Jared, Friday, May 12, 2017, 09:21 (527 days ago) @ rob

I know it will kill but I have never been impressed with a .223 on animals. Last year I shot 3 or 4 hogs in the front yard using a 60gr partition. Every single one of them made it to the brush 10-65 yards away. Some left better trails than others but they all ran off. I switched you a 300 Blackout with 110gr Barnes Tac X and am 7 or 8 for as many shots and only one has made it out of his tracks. The one that did dropped then flopped around making it 5-10 yards to the creek bank and fell in. Last year along I shot around 17-18 hogs so I do know where to hit them.

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