For those of you who hunt, even occasionally with a 223 AR..

by rob @, Thursday, May 11, 2017, 22:23 (379 days ago)

Is there a particular bullet or factory load you like? The rifle I'll be using for this purpose is an 18" 223 Wylde with an 8" twist. I have another AR that works just fine for a defensive carbine. I'm sorta hoping to find one good hunting load, maybe in the 69-75 grain range (77 maybe?) that will be fine for ear/neck shots on hogs and for deer. That and maybe some varmint hunting is all I plan to use this rifle for so one factory load with a similar handload will suffice but my experience with terminal ballistics is weighted toward big bore handguns, and 270/30-06/45-70...those just work:)

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