Someone's grandmother, peeking

by brionic @, Thursday, November 17, 2011, 19:11 (2528 days ago)


Seriously, that's my Grandmother, checking out the goods.

She was coming out of a medical appointment, and was surrounded by photographers. She had no idea what all the hooha was about, but didn't want to be in a photo, so she tried to be discreet.

This morning, at a different appointment, a lady at the reception desk shrieked "Miss, you're famous!" and showed her that this image had been picked up by a UK gossip magazine, using such humorous terms as "aging pensioner" etc.

While she was relating the story to me this afternoon, she was laughing so hard that I thought she might have a conniption and be done with it, a smile on her face and a happy thought in her heart.

Then she asked me what a cougar is ;-)

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