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by Paul ⌂, Monday, November 14, 2011, 13:46 (2531 days ago)

Note that although we have a direct link to the website they are run by two different types of software. is the site where we have our articles and such. is the forum (where you are reading this note) and is where we discuss anything and everything - politely.

Registering for the website does not give you an account on the forum.
Registering for the forum does not give you an account on the website.

Registering on the website will give you certain privileges. For example, once you are registered and you let the webservant know about it, we can give you author privileges. Then you can post recipes, articles, etc for the community. BUT you'll still need an account here on the forum in order to be able to edit your own posts.

Registering here on the forum is pretty straightforward. BUT you'll need to complete the process within 24 hours. Register your username/password combination. I believe you'll need at least eight numbers/letters in your password. If you have a short password then you can repeat it twice. Something like abcdabcd would work whereas abcd probably will not. As soon as you register, check your email. If the message is not in your inbox then check your spam filter. We have had once case of a messed up address which obviously will result in you not receiving your email. Anyway, click on the link in the email and your account will be "good to go". You have 24 hours to complete the register/activate process. If, for some reason, you don't get it done in the first 24 hourse, you'll need to go through the procedure again. No, I've not found a switch to throw to give you more time. :-( But 24 hours should be sufficient once you know you've got a time limit. :-)

Any questions? contact the webservant

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